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After reading whole threads at about this new A500 accelerator, I'm left in expression that it's both under- and over-estimated as a valuable A500 product. When A630 arrived, there was a lot of hype regarding the prospect of similar product being engineered for A500. Due to more spacious case, it would not be a race against heat or coexistence with some other peripherals which are left supported from the IC side and that really made some eventual comparisons to GVP A530 and Viper530 more viable. In the middle of such thought it was surprising to see that 030 was peeled-off from design table with a vague prospect of making an 'affordable A500 accelerator'. A year later, after some very precise 020 specs arrived, a lot of us expected that configuration as a final one to be worth of starting money saving contigencies. Finally, ruling out 020 in time frame which matches Zeus68K and PAK2/3 open projects alongside the fact that there was no preprod PCB show so far, can only lead to another set of thoughts. So, one might also guess that 030 is ruled out early since there's a shortage of price affordable and reliable supplier and perhaps the final design cost (comaprable to A630) might be set too high to reach positive business case. To support this, one could see through the fact that there's new ACA620 and ACA1220 coming in. A mere fact that only (???) Vesalia has a stock of ACA1231 cards(s) fitting new ACA500 as an ultimate 'true accelerator board' does really question for how many users will be able to meet their ultimate goal. Furthermore, I don't really find even a bit amusing when explained that ACA500 would make a difference for returning, a longtime milion based A500 Amiga user base which would like to focus on WHDLOAD gaming. A niche of Amiga classic userbase of today is nothing short of a mid-30 to mid-40 IT or near IT freak who spends up to hundred buck annually in his/hers Amiga hobby. In most cases we find ourselves cornered when trying to explain this Amiga syndrome to someone born a bit later or to someone oversleeping the late 80's era. We hardly need a bridge in form of maybe the fastest IDE HD controller and kickstart switcher in one, just for a mere A500 everyone owns in an attick.
On the other hand, people must realize that project like this cost real money invested on research and development, testing and quality assurance. I find IC's business policy to be on track with path on individual, low profit margins. Someone concluded that it would sell in enough figure top induce secondary demand in ACA1220 and perhaps some clockport and Ethernet add-on module at later date of portfolio alignment. There's also a fine stock of Indivision ECS which should also be affected by ACA500 or ACA520 whatever. All-in-one, it's a clever strategy with not always transparently achievements which have potential of narrowing down even narrow Amiga community. I hope Jens did crunch his numbers correctly; as a satisfied owner of 2 IndyECS I cannot be more biased to cover up for his effort (who could even do that in general) , but at the same time I will stay true Amiga fan by spending almost twice of price of ACA500 for a HW like Zeus68K or PAK2/3 just because it MIGHT became something as announced.
just mine 2 cents, best regards to all.
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