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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
It's clearly aimed more at the A500, where it provides a nice speed-boost along with the increased memory.
I think it's seriously dually aimed...
Yes, at the A500 as an upgrade for his board there..

But also, for all the people who want to play WHDLoad games on their 1200's and are paying as much are more for 4M or 8M boards.

For me (although I love my ACA1230/28), the BIG BOOST was my 8M RAM board. Just having more memory was HUGE in changing my 1200 experience..
I'm guessing that's what most 1200 owners want...

Now, a faster CPU is always nice.. ;-) Don't get me wrong..

If this were out when I got my 1200, I would have got this over the 8M card.

And I "might" have picked this up over the ACA...
Cost/benefits... It's a tough call..

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