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Originally posted by Shatterhand
About the young/mature audiences, some differences I know are: the body of Gibson in the warehouse (in the Sega CD there's just the body, in the MSX version his head is in the ground, off the body, and there's blood all over the place). Catherine, Gibson's daugther is 14 years old in the MSX version, while she's 18 years old in other versions. The bar is completely different in the MSX version (I forgot its name.. the one that has whale's meat).
I finished the Sega CD version and IIRC you can see Gibson's head off the body and the blood. The problem is always the same: the USA 'morality'. Thankfully you can play a less censored game introducing the word 'KONAMI' on the computer of the Junkers HQ and watch a scene in the shower
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