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Originally Posted by TotO View Post
Honestly, the ACA1220 is not intended to be used on A1200 but it stay compatible because you make the choice to add a "A1200 like" expansion slot on the A500 to simplify your design work and increase your sells with the same product?
The expansionslot is made the same simply coz it makes sense. This prevents him from having to make a dedicated CPU accelerator, saving costs, for everyone.

Originally Posted by TotO View Post
The A1200 user who buy the ACA1220 will definitively not make a good deal.
Like you said "For the A1200, this card can be considered a 128MByte-RAM expansion".
I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that it's not a good deal. I'm not saying it's a good deal for everyone but it's a huge amount of RAM for a unmodified A1200. But as i said before, the main target is most likely the A500, where it is both a memory, and a substantial CPU upgrade.

Originally Posted by TotO View Post
The A500 user have to buy the "ACA500 bridge card" to add this new ACA1220 accelerator only, because you will not test if other cards (your ACA1230 too?) can work on it. If yes it's nice, if no... It's cheaper like that.
Personally I understand: "no product support, buy and go!"
All the ACA cards for the A1200 is supported, Jens clearly said so.

Originally Posted by TotO View Post
You made a great ACA630 and ACA1230 boards, but here...
Where is the good hardware for the good computer?
Cant see the forest for all the woods?
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