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@Mr Softy

M8 I know EXACTLY where yer coming from! I was the same lol... a m8 and I thought we were going to storm the charts with our hand crafted ardcore lol! great time's tho! I still have most of the mods on cd too... I cringe when i hear some em
*I even have a dss8+ still lol

My stories... I used to cart my a500 to a m8's house every night after school! at the weekends we would get loads of grub and drink in and fart around until we couldnt stay awake... most of the time we took over the kitchen and filled it up with amiga's and tv's lol! much to the annoyance of said m8's mum

LOL summin that always makes me smile is my m8's face when he found out his missus sold all the amiga kit! she got pissed off with him not giving her enougth attention!
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