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Originally posted by Uukrul
And me!! (first emulated and later on the real thing)
Are you guys playing the Sega CD version? I had Snatcher on MSX back in the good old times, but it was all in japanese, so I couldnt go much far, as you can guess.

A translated version was released this year though, and I FINALLY was able to play it, and it really is excellent stuff. Hideo Kojima is truly a genious. In 5 minutes of playing I got further than I had ever gone with the japanese version

But I heard the Sega CD and MSX version are different. (Actually, I heard the PC 88 and the MSX versions are identical, and all the other ones are like the Sega CD one). Everyone says the Sega CD (and other versions) are more "childish", as they are for a younger audience, and the ending in the MSX abd PC 88 versions is much more depressing than the rather happy end of the Sega CD version, athoulgh they are a bit shorter. The guy who translated the MSX version had finished the Sega CD one too, and he says the MSX version has a much better plot.

About the young/mature audiences, some differences I know are: the body of Gibson in the warehouse (in the Sega CD there's just the body, in the MSX version his head is in the ground, off the body, and there's blood all over the place). Catherine, Gibson's daugther is 14 years old in the MSX version, while she's 18 years old in other versions. The bar is completely different in the MSX version (I forgot its name.. the one that has whale's meat).
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