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Is there any way to import/replace files in Amiga ISOs?

I'm just wondering if there's a much easier way of replacing specific files on an CDTV/CD³²/AmigaCD ISO image without having to rebuild the entire thing from scratch. I thought CDmage would do the trick (the beta has an "Import" option) but it seems to be confused by the Amiga's specific CD format - and since it was last updated more than a decade ago, I'm not holding my breath for improvements!

Because of the Amiga filesystem's silly checksum insensitivity it doesn't seem you can get away with chucking the ISO itself into a hex editor and modifying your targeted values that way. Rebuilding a CD from the ground up sounds pretty tedious and I'd prefer to try and keep the original LBA structure by any means possible.

If not anything on the PC side, is there anything on the Amiga side I could use for this occasion?
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