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Originally Posted by BulletMagnet83 View Post
So I'll still need some hardware to sample each pad strike, and tell the amiga which one was hit and how hard.
I'm not sure my idea of using the keyboard controller would be easily enhanced to do velocity sensing. I'd be especially interested to see how you achieve this. It was one thing, (of many) which has put off starting my own effort of this sort.

As for kickstart version, most A600s will come with at least 37.300 which should be fine. 37.299 I think has a problem with hard drives bigger than 40Mb. Don't take my word on this though, I've never heard the definitive story of A600 ROMs versus hard drives.

BTW, a stock A600 won't be a great development machine. If you want to use amiga compilers and stuff though, have you tried winUAE? It is pretty phenomenal.

Having two is still a good idea though, one for hardware hacking and one for software testing and spare if you kill the hacking one
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