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I've been using a OLD IBM CRT. (I mean like "holy crap, that thing has got to be 15 years old, don't you ever dust it of" old) IBM 6517 U7N. Worked perfectly with the Indi. However, it's been a part of my diagnostics center for about 15 years, and it was time to get updated. Mostly to cut back on electricity, and hence heat-generation in the work/play area. So it got replaced with a DELL E173FP. This has the added benefit that i can relocate the UPS from the floor next to the rack cabinet, and in to it, behind the monitor. I'll have to go through the cabling madness tomorrow, but it makes the darn thing slightly mobile again. (You need a forklift to get it anywhere far, but to be able to vacuum the floor is nice...)

The DELL has the same vertical banding artifact as others have reported. Hardly noticeable in most games, but then, i'm running a stock config, no extra drivers, or anything. I'm not going to complain about the lack of configuration utilities, the point of my post is to state that the IBM CRT screen (IBM 6517 U7N) works flawlessly, and for a dedicated Amiga system it could be a good choice with it's integrated sound, where as the DELL E173FP, at least for now, is a bad choice.
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