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Since I asked you if you are going to work on Tiny Launcher again, I've had this list of bugs and feature requests, but I did not want to post them before I had tested on my real Amiga 1200. But as I have not done this yet, and as there is a lot of activity in the thread these days, I have decided to post them anyway:

Some of the points here have been mentioned earlier by other people, but I have decided to include everything that matters to me

1) Could you skip the start screen bouncing when jumping directly to a section? I know it is just a couple of seconds, but it is repeated a lot of times.

2) Make an option to decide if you want to split the games up between ECS and AGA or not.

3) Support Tool Types when launching whdload slaves. Either make it possible to utilize kgiconload automatically from Tiny Launcher or implement same functionality as kgiconload on whdload slave loading. The problem is that I have some slaves that rely on their Tool Types to work. A workaround is makin .tl files for all my slaves, but this is just a lot of work and the transition from Tiny Launcher to game is not as smooth as you get the grey screen while kgiconload is launching the game.

4) Support the ClassicWB structure with folders for each letter, as file management becomes very memory consuming and slow when you have a lot of games folders in on place.

5) When you build the database (e.g. TLLETGAGA.db), you do not support over 1000 entries for the fastnav right now. Looking at the database, I can see that a space character is overwriting one of the numbers for each entry with over 1000. I tried manually editing the database, putting in all the right numbers, and then the fastnav worked just fine.
Example extract of current build db: I 951J 100
Example extract of manually fixed db: I 951J1002

6) When you browse through a long list of games without fastnav (using left and right), Tiny Launcher navigation speed slows down and exits after a while. Maybe it is a problem with the memory filling up? When using fastnav, it works all the way, and using left and right in the same area for a long time also works. At one time, I saw this message: "Out of variable space". I don't know if it is the number of entries, but I estimate that it is around the 1600 entry mark it crashes on my system.

7) Could you implement a skip Tiny Launcher key, so you can exit Tiny Launcher quickly? Right now I have it running before my Workbench and I have made a modification of my startup-sequence to check if a mouse button is activated, thereby skipping Tiny Launcher, but it would be nicer if Tiny Launcher could replace this.

8) When activating RAD, I get the following errors after exiting the game:
Device not available

My test current test system:
Winuae 2.4.1
68030 no FPU
AGA chipset
Kickstart ROM 3.1
2MB Chip/8MB Fast RAM
Launching Tinylauncher from DH0 (HDF file)
Launching games from DH1 (HDF file)

I will test on my real Amiga but have not gotten around to it yet:
Amiga 1200 PAL
Blizzard 1230 Mk-IV with 16MB Fast RAM
2.5" harddrive
Kickstart ROM 3.1
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