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Originally Posted by TotO View Post
All electronics components are affected by using them out of range. It's why manufacturers give specs. But, in most case the lifetime is so long that you can't encounter the problem and though that nothing change.

Not really. For example MC68040/25MHz and 40Mhz is the same CPU. Just 40MHz pass test with 40Mhz clock, 25MHz probably didn't or wasn't tested.
Similar case is MC68030, or Intel CPU.

BTW There was many overclocked CPU card with MC68030(for example 33MHz to 40Mhz), and they are still working for 15 years. The only problem is RTC baterry. I didn't seen CPU dead because of overclocking or age.
Look at ZXspectrum. 30 years. Chips still working!!!!!!

The enemy is always temperature and high voltage!!!
You could read something more about it. I'm overclocking Computers for 15 years, and didn't kill any. 3 victimis was graphics cards, but dead because different reasons, 3 pairs of DDR2 RAMs (not sure why, probably temperature, or faulty chips), but still never CPU.

It's not because this CPU have a very low power consumption that you can overclock it to the infinite w/o problem "compared to your Core i7 CPU"...

A good old Motorola 68000 is only 1,35W. Overclock it to 100% and it fail and goes very hot... You though it was only 2,70W ??? WRONG (shortcut)
Do you see the difference ?
But still 2,7W is much, much more than 0,05W. Try to get chip hot with 0,05W. CPU will start dispatch much heat when you raise voltage. With only overclocking it won't rise much. Anyway new MC680000 won't need seatsink. See numbers???? old Motorola 1.35W. No HEATSINK!!!! Why new CPU with 0.05W would need one??? New CPU after overclocking will never hit 0,5W!!!!! I would say about maybe 0.2W, but its still less than old Motorla MC68000. Much less.

Or better try minimig guys about compability and problems with 50Mhz CPU.

If I don't need 50MHz, instead of switching to 7MHz I may not buy a card too.
28MHz don't overclock so much the CPU and is already 4 times the original speed... It's just far enough for most uses, as WHDLoad.
Don't expect to run intensive 2D/3D programs... At 50MHz it will be slow too.

Do you remember the PC "turbo switch" to make games don't crash or run to fast because that affect the program timing ?
Sure. The problems was mainly because of build in coprocessor, with very very old games. Anyway I didnt saw any programs which has problems with to fast CPU. But still it was primitive DOS, not workbench,
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