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Thanks for the replies, guys! Loads of interesting links for me to check out Also, that example code/suggestion will probably be a big help! The more I can simplify by using freeware/open source libraries, the bigger chance I have of making it work. I'll be learning a lot of these concepts on the fly, so to speak... so I'm prepared for the learning curve and hard work! Thankfully I do have a rather bland social life so time is not an issue

By the looks of things I'm still going to have to build some custom interface hardware, as I'm going for a sort of "drum brain" module like the Simmons SDS7, rather than, say, a "groovebox" kind of thing to be played with one's fingers. So I'll still need some hardware to sample each pad strike, and tell the amiga which one was hit and how hard. I have some microcontrollers in the parts box that have enough A/D capabilities to handle the task.

Because it's intended to be played "live" rather than playing back complex patterns, I think 4 audio channels is enough - after all, I only have 4 limbs!

Is there anything I need to worry about re: the A600's kickstart ROMs? I am probably mistaken but I seem to recall reading somewhere that early versions didn't have scsi.device (or whatever it's called) on them so a hard drive couldn't be used? Booting from a CF card would be fantastic, and a good inexpensive storage solution. My plan will probably involve acquiring two A600s, as they seem to be rather cheap and unwanted by most fans. One nice one to develop on, and one cosmetic trainwreck to pillage the mainboard out of!

Well, I'd better get reading! Thanks again for the input Should be able to get some parts ordered around the end of the month so I guess we'll see how it goes...

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