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I don't know how to save the matching configuration game settings like they did on the emuextras. Maybe waal or one of the other extras people can help out with that.

To set tooltypes, hold down a mouse button (yellow button on xbox controller) while the boot disk is loading, before the first menu pops up. This makes a different menu appear. Select 'customise whdload options' and a text box pops up where you can type custom1=1 or whatever using the on screen keyboard and select ok, then it is set. If you need to set another tooltype, select customise whdload options again and enter another. These tooltypes are not saved, so do a save state once they are entered if you like. Then 'go to main menu' and start the game.

Originally Posted by waal View Post
Is there a way that your script supports LHA ?
Or maybe I should depack and repack under AmigaOS ?
Hello waal, probably, maybe send me a pm with what you wantto do and i can have a look?

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