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@dr.mushroom: If you're going to look for a 1084 monitor, I *HIGHLY* recommend picking up one of the Philips-made 1084 or 1084S's. Why? When you kick your 1200 back and forth from PAL to NTSC, the monitor automatically adjusts itself and displays correctly in both frequencies. The Daewoo-made 1084 and 1084S's do not do this, so each time you change modes, you have to reach in the back and with the adjustment knobs change the vertical position and height.

@MacUserX: The PAL/NTSC function in the boot menu of Kickstart 3+ is about the most useless thing I've ever tried to use. I have a PAL A500 and an NTSC A3000D. On the A500, if I go into the boot menu and switch it to NTSC and then tell it to boot normally, it immediately kicks back to PAL after leaving the menu. On the A3000D, it's the same deal, but opposite modes. I use Degrader on my A500 and that works 99% of the time, but doesn't on my A3000, and not sure why.
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