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TotO relax

This board will be great for WHDLoad.
I will be happy to get a 28MHz stable and cold computer all the year

Overclocking doesn't reduce CPU lifetime. Its heat nad voltage

About heat, well lets see for MC68SEC0000 20MHz:

3.3V * 15mA = 50mW = 0.05W.
My Core i7 has 130W. Do you see difference???

Even overclocked, this CPU won't even get warm!!!!!!

And we speak about a A500 with 68K CPU... More power for doing what ?
Playing games ? Sorting the WB icons ? XD
If you dont need 50MHz you can switch to 7MHz. What's the problem?

I hope in future Amiga Turbo board will have USB in standard.
I really miss it in Amiga computers

BTW Why do you think that 28MHz CPU card will be more compatible than 50MHz???

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