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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post

There are probably a few more, but not that many, e.g. Puzznic was already patched to fix this issue.
I will say one thing about this is make sure if you are copting them from a Windows directory that the permisions on the files are correct if they are not when reading the folder with WinUAE it woun't pick up all the files in the folder,(so it like they are not there)I know this cos is has done it with me ,it happens when you reinstall your OS(Windows)on your PC.I just copied a game from my pc using WinUAE and it didn't copy all the files so the game can't run.

Oh and I allways copy my files from my pc uncompressed(I uncompess them on the PC then send them to the Amiga(But I know everything about windows,Well have too,to be a PC engineer.. )But i have not had a problem with it.

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