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Let me know when/if you decide to tackle another game. Im kinda itching to do some sort of retro remake again at the moment, but struggle to make a decision. My brain keeps going back to c64 days. Dan Dare 1, Parallax and Target Renegade and a few others. Alternatively Ive always liked the idea of doing AGA remakes of Cinemaware games. Despite being nicely presented and polished games, theyre mostly a bunch of simplistic gamestyles theyre made of up. Sinbad And The Throne Of The Falcon is the forerunner there for me, both because I quite enjoyed it and though it was under-rated, and 'cos the version made after the amiga version were a little finetuned/different, and it'd be nice to incorporate some of that stuff into an Amiga remake.

Not that Im set in stone as to what I want to make, but unless I can think of something that I appeals to me more soon I'll probably roll a dice or something to pick one of the above at random (unless of course someone else has something fun for me to help with )
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