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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Didn't say you or anyone else were bitching, I merely stated for it to NOT turn into a bitching session, that's all.

You also have various options regards the Indi AGA MKII:

1. Wait until the config tool is released.
2. Take the matter up with Jens directly.
3. Return the product as 'not fit for purpose' seeing as functionality is missing and you've been waiting longer than you think is reasonably acceptable.
4. Sell it on AmiBench/Amibay/eBay
5. It's obviously faulty so I'll take it off you hands for just the cost of the postage to me
6. Get a new monitor, LG Flatron MG2350D maybe
7. Enjoy scart while waiting for the software.
8. If above is not an option, RF?
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