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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Not "4 years later", I didn't look at this game because of your thread here!
Ok, I'll reiterate - thanks for finding this thread and bringing it to the fore four years later!

If that CD version is an official one I'll support it, where can it be found?
If it's okay on here for me to link to it....

And it's certainly official - I do believe I still have an original copy of it in fact!

One thing to note: the CD version's HD installer also uses encryption, and from my experience the existing data files on the CD have been designed to refuse to run from any media other than the disc they're on, so it's not just a case of manually copying them over. I remember getting agitated because I couldn't use this version as the basis for a R.I.S.S. state..... before I eventually discovered the old replacement 'install' program by JOTD that allowed one to install the ECS or AGA floppy version, sans encryption. Mind you, all of this saga was from before I took a personal interest in 68000 programming.
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