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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Since I have made a completely new Pinball Prelude patch which supports the OCS and AGA version I can tell you that the protection was absolutely nothing special. Disk format was semi-interesting because each cylinder used a different SYNC, 4 different SYNCS were used which means every 8th track the SYNCs repeated. Other than that there is really nothing special or "weird" whatsoever when it comes to the protection.
Well thanks for getting stuck in and giving it a new coat of paint four years later!

Seeing as you took an interest in the game, shall I lend you an image of the CD version (or alternatively a link to it) to look at? The most notable difference between it and the floppy versions is that - like I said - it includes an actual frontend from which you can select your table, rather than giving you three WB icons to click on. I guess it was done this way for ease of use on simpler CD systems such as the CD³².
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