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Originally Posted by TotO View Post
It's a great news for forgotten users !

Why using a big 3"1/2 40-pins IDE insted of an autopowered 2"1/2 44-pins, like on A600 ?
That allow to plug inconspicuous disk-on-module or CF card on it.
IDE drives come to disapear, take space, make noise... Only disadvantages finaly.
OK, you can plug a CD-ROM drive... But... it's useless today, no?
I agree with you, CompactFlash reader or IDE 44pin would be just fine.
But this suppose to be open source project so you can always modify it.

It would be nice if IDE would use DMA but I'm not sure is it possible.
And why always PIO0 mode in Amiga?? :P

Originally Posted by TotO View Post
Why overclocking so much the Freescale CPU ?
Using a x1/x2/x4 multiplicator to get 7/14/28MHz on Amiga and 8/16/32Mhz on ST systems. (boot menu)
That is far enough and probably more systems friendly?
Because everyone want's SPEEEEEEEEED!!!!!

If it's tested and working fine what's the problem?? Extra speed is always welcome. In 2012 50MHz is not so much
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