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Thanks for your message.
I did the code some month ago for TL to works with ClassicWB but I don't have a clue of what I did with it... Anyway...If you have to add for example 8 games with difference letters, and if you do it by connecting your CF on your PC (I don't think you download your slave with the Amiga etc) then believe me, you will lose more time by dropping each games in each directories.

AFAIK, organizing games by letters is to avoid WB navigation slowdown and memory consumption, but if you have lot of games in those subdirectories, it will be the same issue.

Tiny Launcher can

-Realtime scan (cool if you have few games/demos, you don't have to create/refresh the database, and the navigation is faster, as you browse in RAM)

-Database (by pressing F1 you build the database, ithe navigation is a bit slower as you often access the database, but if you have lot of game you don't have to scan each time...)

For the first mode it is useless to lose more time as it's done in realtime, so as I said, I will add a second level in the database mode...later

I will release a new version with bug correction soon.
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