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Thanks so much, everyone, for your help. I pulled out my 1702, and after some time spent reading my manuals, I was able to work everything out regarding resolution and such.

Unfortunately, (lol - my noob is showing) it didn't take me long to realize I have no way to connect the A1200 through the Luma/Chroma (unless there is a converter I'm not aware of) of my 1702, and because of the region issues, it can't display color through composite.

So, now that I am a little more familiar with the issue, I am interested in buying an RGB monitor. I know the 1084 will work, but I'm not exactly sure which others will.

There are a few "Amiga" monitors listed on eBay, but they don't specify the model or have pictures of the ports. Should I take the "Amiga" label as meaning it will work with my A1200?

Anyone in the USA know of any other, reputable websites from which I could order a monitor? I know European monitors have better display, but the shipping cost makes that a little impractical for my needs.

Again, any input is very appreciated.
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