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Originally Posted by boombaxx View Post
I would have Ebayed it let the market decide but Ebay are so greedy. The soundcard is 1996 vintage as are the IDE interface and Apollo. Just want some idea of a fair price for them. I also have a Amiga 1200 made in Scotland at Dundee
I believe the Dundee Amiga 1200 was an urban myth started by one of the Amiga mags. Pretty sure some of the 600 models were produced in Scotland (Silicon Glen, as it was once called) but I don't know for sure. Don't know if 1200 where made/assembled in Scotland TBH. I think there's a EAB user who worked along side/with Scottish 600 production (honestly not sure).

I would speculate that the IDE adaptor is worth £15-£20 and the card: somewhere between £70 - £100, but it really depends on the card's limitations i.e is it limited to 8mb, is it PCMCIA compatible on 3.1 roms? No idea about the audio card tho.

Just a general speculative post on my part! no warranty or anything like that
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