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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post

It's more common to use a Compact Flash as Hardrive, with an adaptor like this
or this For both perhaps (surely) you'll have to file a corner a little (not touching the traces) 'cause the RF modulator won't let you insert it. (I bought one recently, and I'm not sure if it fits over the sheilding, I don't think so).

Or this (more used, including me) buying a cable:
The cable like this:

Then you have to buy the Compact Flash (better SanDisk or Kingston or Trascend), format it, make partitions and install Workbench, not an easy task.

OR... you can buy this "ready to go", and tell them to format it with Smart File System or perhaps (the best) PFS3:

Later you will have to ask or read here about a ram board or accelerator to run all the games and demos.
Wow thanks for the help mate
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