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I got into the pc scene pretty late! around late 97 - early 98.
After years of faithfull service from my amiga's i thought it was time to go to the dark side and i bought a secondhand corporate pc... the type thats hardly been used at some office etc!

It was a PC-Chips all-in-1 TX proII! I got it home and had no-end of problems with it... then one day i moved the system into its own room! i set it up and turned it on... the mouse didnt work! it was a ps2 type and the pc complained the mouse wasnt plugged in i double checked it a few times and reset the pc countless times. Then i removed the ps2 mouse whilst the machine was on and plugged it back in.. then tons of smoke shot out the vents! i had blown the thing up by plugging in a soddin mouse LOL!
it never worked again and i had hell getting it sorted out.

I cannot complain cuzz all this crap i learned trained me up on how to build pc's and all the other crap that goes with it!
and i still kept my amiga's! never ever have a problem em.... unlike that crap pc... the pc's i have now are made with decent components! i will never touch cheap shit again!

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