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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
I have never burnt at low speed and its worked everytime. .
I think it's related to the burner and the media,,
I have a burner in my desktop (old) that some of the media I have doesn't work well at full speed.
Wasn't sure if it was the media or the drive or the combination...

I think it is the burner, as the burns I'd make for the 3DO sometimes wouldn't work. (I was always able to read them with a low speed burn in the PC tho, just the 3DO didn't like them.)
But the same media burned for the 3DO at high speed in the other burner in the house worked fine.

So that drive wanted slower speed for better burns.

Also, thanx for the color tips Cammy. I just got a CD Drive for my 1200, and the media I am using doesn't seem to be totally happy yet. I have some of the print-on media, so I'll try that..

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