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Deep joy! I join an Amiga forum because I need some help with my newly revived and pimped up A1200 and there's a CPC thread.

The CPC 6128 was my first computer. Christmas 1985 and I stuck with it as my main computer through until Christmas 1992 when I got my A1200.

Seems quite late no? Thing is I had stacks of software and adds ons for my CPC. Everything you could imagine. My friends just played games but I had a printer, Protext on ROM, Teletext adaptor, 3.5 inch disc drive, the list went on and on. It was a proper computer that I could use for serious stuff as well.

I had no envy of my Amiga and ST owning chums. None. All they did was play games and sure the games looked nice but none of them really sucked me in until I played F1GP.

Eventually I was struggling to do everything I wanted to do on the CPC. I wanted to do DTP and that was sloooow on the CPC. I couldn't really use a scanner on a CPC either. The Amiga looked tempting but then the A1200 came out and I was sold!

Still kept my CPC running and kept buying Amstrad Action right to the very end.

My 6128 is now long gone (17 years of solid use meant that it was very ill and worn out) but I continue to use CPC software under emulation. Don't feel the need to run original hardware with a CPC as the whole experience was always being able to sit at a proper monitor with a decent keyboard anyway. Not like the C64 where emulation just feels wrong and you need the real deal.

Anyway, enough of me. I assume everyone has played the stunning new conversion of R-Type? Here's a playthrough on Youtube - [ Show youtube player ]
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