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It's a great news for forgotten users !

mr.vince, I have some questions about the actual design:

Why using a big 3"1/2 40-pins IDE insted of an autopowered 2"1/2 44-pins, like on A600 ?
That allow to plug inconspicuous disk-on-module or CF card on it.
IDE drives come to disapear, take space, make noise... Only disadvantages finaly.
OK, you can plug a CD-ROM drive... But... it's useless today, no?

Why overclocking so much the Freescale CPU ?
Using a x1/x2/x4 multiplicator to get 7/14/28MHz on Amiga and 8/16/32Mhz on ST systems. (boot menu)
That is far enough and probably more systems friendly?

I know that the last Minimig firmware update allow 49,63MHz turbo mode too, but...
It look more like a bid for power, no?

Thank you.

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