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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Why didn't anyone suggest an uncompressed LHA? It's much faster to archive than a compressed one, it's what I always use to backup the Amigas.
Thanks, am trying that now.

Having an Amiga with a hard disk is a new experience for me. Until I got the CF card, I purely had a dual floppy system which is what I used back in the day. Now I am discovering the wonders of Workbench!

I had all sorts of stuff for my Amiga. Scanner, Vidi, sampler, etc. But a hard disk of a useful size was about as obtainable as a jet pack!

The advantage of LHA is that the Mac can't spew hidden files all over the directory system when I copy the files back onto here for safe keeping!

Will keep you guys posted as to if the backup succeeds. At the moment there's just lots of flashing!

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