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A2000 advice/opinions

I'm not sure if this is the right place! mods move as need be

I've been playing about with the idea of getting myself a A2000 as a 'pure' Amiga workhorse (i.e. no internet, PCMICA, IDE stuff) just an Amiga as Commodore intended.

I'm thinking about a small budget of £150, because I might either regard a 2000 as the 'dogs dangly bits' or 'Dust collector', so thinking of starting small and maybe upgrading.

What I want from one is:

1) HD and the option of fitting a scsi CD-rom
2) More memory than 500+ with a 1mb expansion
3) VGA card

Question is: Suggestion on the type of zorro cards etc I should seek, (within a tight budget) and any general advice

PS: I do know I should seek 6v motherboard.
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