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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
I think I am gonna put some cats amongst the pidgeons....
...and since I can put a face to the name after I've met you in Blackpool, can totally see that grin on your face ;-)

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
I wonder if it would be possible to (with the addition of an a1200 accelerator to the ACA500) also add PCI via a mediator?
It'll be problematic from a mechanical point of view, and there will most probably be trouble on the 68020 bus, which Mediator uses as a tri-state bus. However, the ACA500 is designed as a point-to-point connection on the 68020 bus - that's the part that I've cut down in order to achieve the low price point. ACA500 is expecting to be the one and only slave on the 68020 bus, and Mediator would be the second slave, which is not covered in my design. There will most probably be bus contention on multiple control lines, with an increased likelihood of damage on either side (ACA500 and Mediator). In other words: Better don't try it.

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