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Floppy disk X-bEnCH 0.4 Alpha

X-bEnCh, the game launcher (& More) is back with a new release.

What's new ?

Now with 128 colors on screen even on simple A500 =)

-New 3D X bootlogo by WodK.
-New colorfull look.
-Now the loadingscreen timing is changing if you have a registered version of WHDLoad or not and if you are not too low in ram free.
-Corrected two display bugs.
-Corrected the bug that make a guru when going left in a blank list.
-Resolved a script bug with the autoscan of the .exe (Previously when you launch a .exe the launcher restart in the background before you leave your .exe).
-Now the listings should be correctly sorted by names.
-Added a progress indicator when scaning your HD in the Setup.
-Resolved some minors bugs.

Please note that this release is still "Alpha" so many, many, many bugs may still be here.
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