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ALE not yet on

First of all, sorry for the lack of postings made here at EAB over the past year but my real life has been hectic and updating a pure HTML/CGI site became more time consuming than I wished it to be.

ALE as it stands is in the water and being eaten by Sharks, big sharks, bigger than that fake one in Jaws and nastier than the big effort from Deep Blue Sea. So it's quite dead.

ALE in the future (2003) on the other hand is not dead. Well not yet anyhow. We are in talks with Ztnet for a new SQL connection and will soon begin re-developing the site, previews will be available in the new year and I will provide the URLs here.

We will be taking on "staff" members at ALE and accepting user contributions via the free membership area (mid 2003) so that updates are ongoing and should be a huge help to the site itself. Trusted members (my friends and some online buddies) will be able to write FULL reviews of games and upload 2 screen grabs of each title as well as submit news to the front page and change some other sections of the site as and when needed.

The content of the site will be stripped ever so slightly with some larger files being dropped, not many but a few here and there so if there is anything you need from the site remember to get it soon.

Those that have followed by current project (CPC Zone) will no doubt be aware of the effort gone into making that site what it is today. The same amount (if not more) will go into ALE 2003 and content of all kinds (covers/historical info/system specs etc) will all be greatly accepted, full credit will be given to everyone who submits something to the site.

If you have any further questions then feel free to ask them right here, I will be back every now and again to check on the postings.

Expect the current ALE to have all HTML content stripped soon. Files and structures should remain the same.

Thanks, have a great Xmas.
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