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Sorry i use debug... with release it's better...

Because i use VC2008 every day at work, i correct the VC2008 project (debug only for the moment)

For prowizard source is missing so i extract it from

NoisePacker3.c is missing i get it from :

GameMusicCreator.c is missing i get it from :

change c:\dev\lib\prowizard.lib to ..\..\lib\prowizard.lib

Now the compilation is ok, i only have a link error with prowizard_search so i comment call on moduleripper and associated header...

An now i can play to superfrog with my compiled version.

I need to found how solve the link error and i can send you the winuae project (vcproj only) correct (remove dead file, add missing i made a dif with the vc2010 project)

Thanks for your help Toni

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