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I have similar problem with my CDTV compilation:
I'm using tiny Launcher v2.0, I have followed the instructions on the first post, also I added a MakeDir command, because it was asking for it.
The Tiny Launcher is booting fine and games are available to select, but when I select a game, it looks like is loading and then the CDTV is rebooting starting the whole process again.
I also made a Tiny launcherSE version, for that I changed the ROM to 2.05. The first game I tried was Agony, the game booted to the first screen, but when it disappeared, there was only the black screen and background music was playing. After that I couldn't do anything. The other game I tried and did something was Arkanoid, basically same thing, first screen and then nothing.
I have a NTSC CDTV with new 2.3 boot roms, v3.1 kickstart, and TomHuls 4MB RAM. I have the autoaddram command at the beginning of the startup-sequence.
Under WinUAE A600 with 1MBChip 4MB fast, the compilation runs fine, but on real CDTV it fails.
I'm using MakeCD to make my ISOs, so they boot fine.

gibs: it would be nice if the infopage options were available by using the CDTV remote because only 0-9 buttons are available.

Any inside info would be appreciated. Thanks

Originally Posted by fgh View Post
I'm having some trouble making a compilation, following the steps above..

Booting WinUAE from the TLPreconf directory, I have recreated the databases, TL says Boot:CD, and both ECS and AGA games are working.
In ISOCD I selected source and destination, added Volume ID and CD32.TM under options, then clicked 'Examine' and finally 'Build'.
When running the ISO under WinUAE (v2410, CD32 quickstart), TL starts, but when launching games it says Loading 'game' and then returns to TL. (immediate return, no reboot)

Your included startup-sequence has 'cd dh0:' in it, and the TL config points to 'Amiga:'.
But I tried both volume ID 'DH0' with TL paths DH0:TLDATAS... and volume ID 'Amiga' with 'cd Amiga:' in startup-sequence, so this should not be related.

Any ideas?

By the way, there is a CD32 optimized version of WHDLoad that leaves more memory and doesn't require a key.
There are also some CD32 memory optimization tips. Have a look at
(I didn't use any of these now. just following your instructions...)

Have you uploaded it anywhere?

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