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Best Backup Strategy

Hi. Long time lurker and Amiga user. But as a new poster I thought it best to post here.

I have an A1200 with ACA1230/28 and a Compact Flash as a hard disk. Runs brilliantly. I'm on Workbench 3 as I want to run a classic system.

It occurred to me that it would be an idea to back up the copious amount of data I have on my "HD" so I purchased a PCMCIA to Compact Flash adaptor from Amiga Kit.

Managed to LHA my Workbench partition using the Easy ADF software backup option to the PCMCIA CF card. Took a couple of hours. So I know it works.

However the other partitions on my CF card are larger. Specifically 2GB each. I tried to back one up..........

24 hours later (yes, really!) the poor old Amiga was was still working away. Obviously this wasn't the best strategy.

Truth be told I don't need the compression. I just need to be able to do a direct exact copy (like xcopy of old on the PC or Carbon Copier on the mac) to a CF card on the PCMCIA slot. Drag and drop didn't seem to work well.

So is there an Amiga app for Workbench 3 that will do the job for me, perhaps also giving useful info so I know how far it has got?

Any tips so that I can create regular easy backups via PCMCIA CF card?

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