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Yes some thing like that but I mean it jumps to the screen when exiting for a game and it goes back to the game list you were on so say you load pinball dreams when you exit the game it goes back to the screen where Pinball Dreams is on..?

Just a idea..

Oh and can you turn RAD on and off..?? mine says RAD:NO an the moment and I would it on.

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Maybe this can help ?:
[ Show youtube player ]

TL can launch what you want if you write a script called WhatYouWant.TL

But it can also execute executable files, you just have to add the extension ".exe" to the file. (This is how comes most of the new demos nowadays).

Nice A1700
Where can I get demos that work with TL and how do you get it to play the muis when you start TL..?

Thanks for all the help have given me so far Mick..

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