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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
Would you be interested in selling/disclosing where you got the 150 pin connectors for the A1200 expansion slot ?
I have my own tooling. Cost me an arm and a leg, but it's RoHS-compliant and I have guaranteed pressure-per-pin. And I can make almost any colour :-)

Originally Posted by tom256 View Post
BTW Jens I found in China MC68030RC50C in price ~ 42$.
Maybe it will allow you to lower price of ACA boards :]
Nope - China sells lots of things, but no good MC68030RC50C. You get sample parts that are good, and you get mass-re-printed 68030RC16B units. This won't make the accelerator cheaper, but put me out of business the minute I have transferred the money. I buy my stuff from trustworthy sources. Oh, and I don't buy overpriced. 68030 are traded for "gold price plus a few percent". If someone wants more money, I'm not a customer.

Originally Posted by mombasajoe View Post
This sounds very interesting to me! I wonder how it it will be plugged into the A500 because I already use an 8MB Alfa Power controller with CF Card.
Please read the other posts in this thread: ACA500 requires you to remove *anything* from the 86-pin port and from the 68k socket. At such a low price, you cannot expect me or my resellers to give support for compatibility for the myriads of expansions that there have been for the A500. Your first move MUST be bringing your A500 back to (almost) stock condition.

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