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New full release (still OS39 stripped of course):

The only differences with this and original version plus update is a switch from 512MB hdf to 2GB vhd, and I have also tidied it up.
Anyone who has managed to get the original running (anyone?) can copy all the files to this empty vhd if they wish:


There may be a debug.out that will not copy over, this can be skipped.

Note about Grunch and HTMLview.mcc:

Grunch will report HTMLview.mcc as outdated, this is not true. The newest archive on aminet actually contains an older beta version of HTMLview.mcc for m68k - that will throw up an annoying screen requester when used. 13.4 was never ported to m68k (read the docs on aminet if you don't believe me ). I have spoken to the author of Grunch but he will not change this as he feels the problem is with the HTMLview archive.
Please set Grunch to ignore this class...

Will PM you later to help get you up and running, no time at the moment...

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