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Hello all!!


I've been into Amigas since 1989 when i got my first A500 but I've just got back into them again after a few years break. I've had a bit of spare time recently so decided to power up my main Amiga 1200 in the hope that it would come back to life and within a few minutes the amiga bug had it me again. Three months later i've expanded my collect adding an A2000 and a hopefully soon to arrive A4000 .

My current list is

A1200, Blizzard 1230 IV, 32 MB Fast RAM, 4GB CF Card, OS 3.9
A1200, Blizzard PPC 603/040, 192 MB Fast RAM, Bvision, Mediator, 40GB IDE Drive. OS 4.1
A2000, GVP G-Force 040, 16 MB RAM, Cybervision 64/3D, 36GB SCSI Drive, OS 3.9
A500, 1MB Chip, 4 MB Fast RAM, Rochard 800C, 4GB CF Card, OS 3.1

Anyway, although been browsing the forums for the past few months in the search of answers for some of my recent problems, I thought it was time I actively participate.


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