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Originally Posted by pmc View Post
of Slipstream / Anthrox?

Cool to see you back again. Gonna get back into cracking and training?

You should check out: too

Yes indeed, if memory serves me correct I was in ATX, Slipstream, FLT, PSG and a few others, great times, wanting an emulator to refresh me of all the nice people I knew over that period.

FS-UAE on Mac is pretty damn good and I've managed to download a few old titles - 1 or 2 even had an old trainer of mine, and I could not even remember doing them!

Good stuff tho...

I'll check out when I get the chance, many thanks.

Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
Hello there fellow ex-ATXer (not this handle!)

You'll find Mungo has been here as well and I think another ATXer

Good to have you here!

Pleased to be here, I'll take a look on the member list and see if any rings any bells!

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