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The current prototype delivers about 5 MIPS, SysInfo's CPU benchmark reports that the card is slightly faster than a stock A3000/25. We'll need some real world benchmarks to see how the card actually performs, personally I don't trust SysInfo a single bit

We've changed the FastMem thing a bit so that there's only one Autoconfig memory device with either 1, 2, 4 or 8 Megs. Originally we had a 6MB setting (which Autoconfig doesn't support), thats why we had implemented the 4x2MB thing. That's one big advantage of the FPGA based design - the card is almost completely reconfigurable by changing the Verilog code.

Btw... if you need a real low level debugger you'll just connect a JTAG adapter, fire up the Xilinx ISE software and use the Chipscope feature to see what's really going on:
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The Zeus68k is a true hacker device
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