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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
We'll talk
indeed we should

one thing I will note there is a big difference between buying for performance and buying for collection.

The ACA1230 is a great example of this, its a really good card, and despite some of its eccentricity it is a superior 030 adapter than say the blizzard in terms of speed and performance.

However, there is something about owning vintage / retro hardware - its like having an old Rolls Royce that you drive on weekends or an aged Mercedes - fun to have fun in... the ACA1231 would be the VXR - lots of fun power!

both are great, but they are essentially different from a collectors point of view.

One of the reasons I held off from buying an ACA630 was that I wanted an older model - not the Apollo 630 - those things scare the hell out of me - wondering if the next time it boots is the last time.... no I wanted the humble Apollo A620.... one day.... or I will make one.... which ever comes first lol!
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