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Hi there,

I'm the software guy on this project and I'll try to answer some of the questions that came up recently. Some of this information is still a bit preliminary, since our current prototype (that wirewrap monster on the pictures above) doesn't have a Flash ROM yet

a) Kickstart ROM

The card allows you to store Kickstart ROM images in an onboard 8MB Flash ROM and you can switch between them from the card's boot menu. For maximum flexibility, the ROM banks are organised in blocks of 256k and each block can be mapped into a different location in Amiga's address space. In theory, this should allow any ROM image from 256k to 2MB size to work.

b) Fast Memory

Fast Memory can be configured in blocks of 2MB size. The card handles each 2MB block as a separate Autoconfig device, so with the maximum of 8MB you will see 4 Autoconfig boards.

c) Slow Memory

You can choose between No Slow Mem, 512k or the possible maximum (1.8Meg without IDE, 1Meg with IDE enabled).

d) External expansion devices

External devices on the 86pin connector are supported as long as they follow the Autoconfig protocol. The Zeus68k configures its internal devices first, then the external card(s). External DMA devices haven't been tested yet, so eventually they won't work.

e) IDE

The current IDE implementation emulates the A600 Gayle style controller.

Ok, that's it for now. Btw.. we're planning to make this project Open Source, so any interested developer will be able to change almost every aspect of this board
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