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I am not saying anything about what prices people have, they are there own, they should not feel the need to justify them either.

People can either pay the asking price, haggle or just ignore it... there's no point arguing prices as there are way to many variables to consider, and thats just NEW products, older / collectable products are even more complicated to price.

at the end of the day, it comes down to two very simple things

1. What some one is willing to sell an item for
2. What some one is willing to buy an item for

when those to points meet, that is when you have a transaction.

The Amiga community is the most passionate community I know and its one I am proud to be apart of. However this passion is both a credit and at rare times to its detriment. We like to show and share our successes as well as highlight other people failures - especially if they are contrary to our point of view or standing.

It is all about a perceived injustice - the best thing to do when conversations get like that is to avoid any further commitment to it.

Just agree to disagree and try to leave it at that.

its quite funny thinking about it... I remember buying my FIRST ram card upgrade for the A1200 back in 1993/4 from it was a variant of the Amitek Hawk and it provide a 40Mhz FPU and 8MB of RAM. I paid £120 including postage back then - in today's currency that would be approximately £188, for a simple 8MB card... now, I can tell you I would only consider spending a quarter of that on one today.

using the same calculation, my Apollo 060 would cost me £549.27 if was bought today! (I only spent £375 including 32MB RAM back in 95/96)

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