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Happy Holidays from the UltimatePPC team!*

As we are nearing the summer holidays it is time for a quick status update from our side. The last few months have been hectic as both Gideon and myself have been extremely busy with personal affairs besides trying to advance the UltimatePPC project. As we have the prototype boards in our hands we have been actively working on booting a basic kernel on the PowerPC core and interfacing the board to the Amiga bus. Parallel we are starting the software development side of things, with WarpOS support being worked on - as well as first contact with Hyperion regarding AmigaOS4 support.

We also keep an eye on feedback from the community and are evaluating the choice made for the P1013 CPU.We knew that the FPU in this processor is incompatible with the ones found on older PowerPC boards. Our original plan to fix these incompatibilities in software turns out to have more impact that we had foreseen. For this reason, we will reconsider the choice of PowerPC CPU, while continuing the development work of other important stuff on the current prototype.

So what's next? First we'll take a few weeks off for holidays and time with family. Somewhere in August we get together again… Expect a new update end of August! Happy holidays!
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