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long-time Amiga user, Sydney

I've joined these forums back in 2009 under a different name but my account has likely been deleted from lack of use (or perhaps I never got around to posting ).

My computing life began back in high school on Apple ][e and I had an Apple ][c at home. I dabbled with programming back then and towards the end of high school (late 80's) I bought my first Amiga 500. From my exposure to the demo scene I programmed some (at the time, simple) "demos" on the Apple and even wrote one which was on display at the Apple Store in Hurstville (I was there on work experience). As the years went by I bought a couple of A600 (one without a HD then one with) and after that an A1200 which quickly grew into a tower with 1GB IDE drive to replace the 40MB one, and Blizzard 1240 & SCSI 20GB HD and 6x CD burner, and I still use the A1200 almost every day mainly for emails (no viruses, but a shame the same can't be said about spam!).

About the only thing I haven't "upgraded" was adding USB functionality to it.

I mainly used it for tracker modules and watching demos back in the 90's but it's main use now is emails and web browsing (I use the PC for internet banking and other more advanced websites that IBrowse can't work with).

Even after a couple of decades being exposed to PC's (not by choice; for work) I still prefer my Amiga and know more about how it works than PCs/Windows.

That's about it really. I posted a problem with PFS2 in another forum section hoping someone here might have some suggestions I can try.

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