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Games for 6-year olds


I'm about to spend a week at a remote summer cottage with my family. The weather forecast looks just like what has been the weather for a week now: occasional heavy showers of rain, so I need to have a plan B to make it through the week without me or the wife going insane (no, we're not going to the place in which The Shining takes place).

So, do you have any recommendation for Amiga (or any other emulator-assisted platform) games to load up in my laptop (from 2009 so it should run most things quite nice)? The kids (2 girls) don't know how to read yet and if they did, they would not understand any other language than Finnish I will have to assist them anyway, but I'd really appreciate if you could show me the aces up your sleeves.

Currently they've been playing something like Super Mario Kart and Super Mario 64, they are also interested in games in which you can take care of animals and buy stuff etc. Basically the interesting games are the ones in which you can do a lot and not get bored easily. It was probably the same with me when I was 6 years old, but I'm still not going to put Football Manager on the laptop for them to play

Thanks for any suggestions.
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