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I didnīt really understand the technical achievement in this demo (*)when I originally saw this one at Assembly. I was comparing this against some aga/060 demos I had seen earlier. But now that I realize this is actually something that works great with A600 / ACA630 setup, I am stunned. And I think itīs quite nice one artistically too!

I would hope that there was something like this that would fit in a single bootable floppy though... But I reckon that would mean something like a mod tune instead of whatīs on offer here. Surely the music is taking up about 2MB? And for some reason it seems like mod-like tunes are out of fashion, so to speak

I could make a really long argument about how this kind of music... (donīt know how to describe it but I will call it ".wav-style") isnīt really descriptive of what this hardware is about. My viewpoint is that .wav-style music is kind of like using video instead of rendered graphics. You can present what you want but thatīs not what the hardware is all about. Iīm sure itīs still not trivial to play this music with this hardware and I certainly would never personally learn to program anything that would produce any sound at all but still. I would very much hope the Amiga demoscene would take a step back from .wav-style music. The tune itself though is catchy and I have played it a few times on amiga hardware, on emulators and even using youtube just now on my pc

I have now regrettably sold the accelerator, but at least I have sufficiently now proven to myself that it was sold in a very working condition by running a few demos Turns out Iīm more of an A1200 kind of a person and donīt like A600 so much after all.

(* and frankly I never will totally understand it, not being a programmer, but there is a sort of relativity in demo appreciation when you see a lot of them with different kinds of hardware)

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