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I didn´t really understand the technical achievement in this demo (*)when I originally saw this one at Assembly. I was comparing this against some aga/060 demos I had seen earlier. But now that I realize this is actually something that works great with A600 / ACA630 setup, I am stunned. And I think it´s quite nice one artistically too!

I would hope that there was something like this that would fit in a single bootable floppy though... But I reckon that would mean something like a mod tune instead of what´s on offer here. Surely the music is taking up about 2MB? And for some reason it seems like mod-like tunes are out of fashion, so to speak

I could make a really long argument about how this kind of music... (don´t know how to describe it but I will call it ".wav-style") isn´t really descriptive of what this hardware is about. My viewpoint is that .wav-style music is kind of like using video instead of rendered graphics. You can present what you want but that´s not what the hardware is all about. I´m sure it´s still not trivial to play this music with this hardware and I certainly would never personally learn to program anything that would produce any sound at all but still. I would very much hope the Amiga demoscene would take a step back from .wav-style music. The tune itself though is catchy and I have played it a few times on amiga hardware, on emulators and even using youtube just now on my pc

I have now regrettably sold the accelerator, but at least I have sufficiently now proven to myself that it was sold in a very working condition by running a few demos Turns out I´m more of an A1200 kind of a person and don´t like A600 so much after all.

(* and frankly I never will totally understand it, not being a programmer, but there is a sort of relativity in demo appreciation when you see a lot of them with different kinds of hardware)

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